FAQ / + SYSPRO has detected a non-recoverable run time system error on the server and will shutdown immediately

Further information usually displayed along with this message:

Message  number : 173
Message : Called program file not found in drive/directory

This information has been output to a log on your server with the file name: settings\”username”_RTS_ERROR.TXT (“username” will show the SYSPRO user name)









This message has been encountered predominantly during the upgrading of SYSPRO versions and mostly with our triggered BTS product.

In these cases, the new version of SYSPRO has been installed in a new folder on the SYSPRO server and the original trigger BTS trigger points are addressing the BTS programs in the original folder location.

Simply manually remove all of the BTS trigger points and run the Source IT SITINI program and select to add the Trigger Points ONLY.

See HERE for more details regarding trigger configuration for BTS.

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