About Source IT

In 2000, the Source IT business was established as an independent SYSPRO registered development business after existing as the software development department at Computer Support which was then the largest SYSPRO reseller in South Africa. After the company underwent a takeover, the incoming directors offered us the opportunity of purchasing the Software Development department and operating as a separate entity and Source IT was formed.

Becoming an independent SYSPRO software development company (and not a SYSPRO reseller) allowed us to progressively operate with the other SYSPRO resellers and importantly for us, focus on package development for resale purposes.
One of our earlier packaged solutions was a banking interface which catered for the handling of the Electronic Funds Transfer’s (EFT) from SYSPRO to the various banking institutions.
In 2003 we entered into discussions with Phil Duff (SYSPRO CEO) regarding Source IT developing the SYSPRO EFT module and in 2004, the SYSPRO EFT module was developed by Source IT as an OEM agreement with SYSPRO and released with SYSPRO 6.0 issue 009.

Source IT has maintained a very close development relationship with SYSPRO Head Office and in 2007 Phil Duff requested that we get involved with the migration of the legacy reports into the new SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS) solution. Between 2007 and 2012, our team converted the legacy SYSPRO report programs into Business Objects to be used by the SRS Crystal process.

In 2006 we were asked to develop a Revaluation solution to be used by more than 30 Zimbabwean SYSPRO customers to facilitate the devaluation of their currency by three decimal places throughout the entire SYSPRO product. The same solution was evolved to emulate a similar “rebase” process for the Zambian SYSPRO customers 2012\2013.

Source IT has been developing EFT related banking interfaces since inception in 2000 and our current Bank Translation System (BTS) which handles the translation of the SYSPRO EFT output into one of the 50 odd banking institution formats in Africa and is actively used by almost 450 of our customers.

Besides our focus on package development, a core focus has historically been around bespoke development in and around the SYSPRO product with Source IT having developed bespoke solutions for almost 200 customers since 2000. This development has ranged from add-on programs, interfaces to 3rd party solutions, customising of SYSPRO source programs as well as inclusion of scripted solutions into the core SYSPRO programs.

In October 2012, Source IT was officially the first SYSPRO Partner to register on the SYSPRO APP store and in January of 2013, our Manipulation products found their way onto the SYSPRO App store.

We continue to offer best-of-breed software solutions around the SYSPRO ERP product and consistently take pride in doing what we do properly.