Over the years we have received much praise and recognition for our services and products. Unfortunately, most of this praise is verbal with very little documented. Below is a list of the customers for whom we have developed fairly extensively and although we have no official representation, we are confident that they would provide only positive feedback regarding our work and specifically their relationship with us.

As we are primarily a South African based company, providing generic solutions around the SYSPRO product that may be used anywhere in the world has been a key strategy since inception.

We were fortunate to work with a progressive 16 user SYSPRO site based in New Jersey, United States who were one of our first US-based customers to migrate onto our newly revised SQL-optimised version of our Stock Code Account Manipulation (SCAM) product to experience the faster run times.
We also worked with them to do some fine tuning on our Bank Translation Module (BTS) product to handle their interface requirements between the SYSPRO EFT module and the NACHA solution:

“Our experience with the Stock Code Account Manipulation module and the BTS module has been excellent.  The Stock Code conversion process has been reduced from 2-SCAM-100px-whiteBGa four hour process to under thirty seconds.    It was a pleasure to work with the Source IT team to finalize the NACHA conversion element of the BTS-EFT/NACHA module, with changes turned around typically within a day.   Once the software was working, the team was happy to implement some enhancements to optimize the process.


Sutton Software recently made use of our ARAM and APAM solutions for their client, Downeast, who has been wanting to merge two companies into one for some time. Using our products to facilitate the restructuring and merging of the AR and AP accounts, the merging of the two companies was finally achieved.
This is a copy of the email sent from Harry Vickers, who was responsible for the task at Downeast, to Bob Sutton:

“Bob, As you know we used the ARAM (AR Customer Account Maintenance) and APAM (AP Supplier Account 4-APAM-100px-whiteBGMaintenance) programs from Source IT for the company merge project at Downeast Concepts. In this project we merged two companies into one, and there were a number of instances of the same Customer Code in both companies where the code really meant a different account.

I was extremely impressed with the Source-IT programs. Both programs were fully documented, for installing and for using, and both ran exactly as described. The documentation was better than normal SYSPRO documentation. Both also ran rather quickly for what they did. They basically went through the entire SYSPRO Database and changed every occurrence of a Customer number to a different number. We were able to enter all of the customer codes that were to be changed and the new code to be used, and run the program one time to update them all. It was so user-friendly, that, after the customer and I had run the trial together, Christie had already run the live conversion before I got back for the Live merge.

I would highly recommend Source IT to anyone for such SYSPRO addon programs.”

SYSPRO Africa Support (SAS), a division of SYSPRO that renders both support services and professional services on behalf of 1-GLAM-100px-whiteBGSYSPRO based in RSA, have over the years made extensive use of Source IT’s Manipulation tools.
Lesley Jagger, SAS Support Manager, used the SCAM product to modify the internal Stock Codes as used at SYSPRO head office:

“I found it easy to use and the documentation was clear and concise as to what had to be done. We luckily only had approx 450 stock codes which we consolidated and reduced to 200. I was able to do this in a few hours with only 1 test run. The software was a pleasure to use.”
“One of my consultants also used it (SCAM) at a customer’s site where they had large volumes of transactions and 45,000 2-SCAM-100px-whiteBGstock codes and this was also successful.”

“We were also involved in a large 300 user site where GLAM was used to convert the GL chart of accounts which was in excess of 1 000 accounts and the program (GLAM) again was easy to use and very successful.”

Durham Furniture is a 35 user SYSPRO site based in Ontario, Canada and they used our Accounts Receivable Account Manipulation (ARAM) module which forms part of the MAN System:

3-ARAM-100px-whiteBG“Durham Furniture used the ARAM module from Source IT to consolidate almost 500 AR Customer Accounts. The ARAM software was first class. It quick and easy to install, simple to configure and use but most importantly, it performed exactly as promised. All of my pre-purchase questions were answered quickly and fully and I would gladly recommend the ARAM module and Source IT to other SYSPRO users without hesitation – John Fleming, IT & Business Services Manager, Durham Furniture Inc.”

a few of our Customers…