FAQ / + When saving an EFT supplier or trying to do an EFT extract the following message is displayed “Program not found(or program corrupted” – Program name IMPTRR.int”

This error means that the trigger program BTTSVL or BTTCAL could not be found in the directory specified in the trigger process. Usually this error occurs if you have changed the directory for the SYSPRO installation and have not maintained the triggers for this directory change. You need to maintain the triggers within SYSPRO and deactivate the relevant ones by un-ticking them. The following triggers need to be removed:
A/P Supplier Maintenance – All 3 of them
EFT Beneficiary Maintenance – All 3 of them
EFT Payment Extract



Run Source IT setup program (SITINI) again and select “Setup trigger points(Current company)” and “OK” to setup the trigger points correctly.

NOTE: This process needs to be repeated in each separate SYSPRO company that uses BTS.


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