FAQ / + What is the Manipulation SPAM module

The StockCode ProductClass Account Manipulation (SPAM) module steps through all the SYSPRO tables and any transaction that contains both the Stock Code and Product Class will be modified based on the Xref which will contain the OLD Product Class, Stock Code and NEW Product Class. On each relevant SYSPRO transaction, ONLY the OLD Product Class will be changed to the NEW Product Class.

This solution came about with our clients only needing to change the Product Class assigned to a specific Stock Code and also modify the historical transactions to reflect the NEW Product Class. Since there is no one-to-one relationship between OLD and NEW Product Class, the SPAM product does not make any changes to any table which contains ONLY the Product Class and the Product Class master is therefore not modified.

Some of our clients have then used our Product Class Account Manipulation (PCAM) to make the necessary modifications to the master tables etc after using the SPAM module to “clean up” but this is not an absolute requirement for our SPAM clients.

The Xref import file would therefore require three columns with the OLD Product Class in the first column, the Stock Code in the second column and the NEW Product Class in the third column:







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