FAQ / + What is the expected run time of the MAN modules?

The time required for each MAN module to complete is primarily based on the amount of data stored in the associated SYSPRO tables.
Other aspects such as the server processing capacity and network speeds will naturally influence run times.
Run times vary from literally seconds through to a few hours with our longest reported time at 7 hours for GLAM on a 130GB database back in 2009. Average reported run times have been between 1 and 2 hours.

The MAN modules processes each relevant table and compares the code on each transaction against the cross reference to verify if it is required to me modified.
Based on this solution, the impact of the number of cross reference entries has a minimal effect on the total run time.
If a single cross reference entry takes 2 hours to complete, using 2000 cross reference entries would add about 15 minutes onto the run time.
Aspects such as “summary audit” settings against the MAN module will also have a bearing. There is no practical reason why the “detailed audit” option would be specified but this setting would also have an implication on the run rime adding up to another 20 minutes to the total run time.

The MAN module “Monitor refresh delay period” value you have set to 1 hour does have an implication but nothing like the Tick Over. This value would have been fine at 1 minute to not have a huge implication on your volumes.

The “Tickover refreshes on reports/batches” value as defined against the SYSPRO user being used to run the MAN module must be set to at least “2 minutes” as this is CRITICAL for the optimal performance of our manipulation product.

If you are able to see values ticking over in the “Stock Code Replacement In Progress” window, the “Tickover refreshes on reports/batches” value is incorrect. This session should even indicate “Not responding” due to the 2 minute PLUS delay between refreshes. It is the primary reason we have the “Manipulation Module Status” tool to allow real time viewing of the modules progress.

To modify this “Tickover refreshes on reports/batches” value against the operator, use the SYSPRO “Operator Maintenance” program as follows:

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