FAQ / + During the conversion, I get a ‘Duplicate key’ error message, even though no duplicates exist on the table

This is caused by certain record types being non-duplicate in SQL, but having duplicates when being copied across to ISAM e.g. INVMOV – EntryDate contains both the date and time, but TrnTime contains a zero.  When this table is copied across to ISAM for conversion, if the key is duplicated (same stock code, warehouse, transaction year, transaction month and entry date), ISAM will only copy the date part of EntryDate across, and not the time (this is how the file is defined), which will result in a duplicate.  Data created in SYSPRO would have the time stored in the TrnTime field, and not as part of the EntryDate field, which usually means this data has been generated from elsewhere.  The integrity of the data is a problem and needs to be fixed!

Example of error message:
SYSPRO File Message
Message:  Duplicate key
Access:  Attempting to write a record
File name:  this will vary
Status:  22

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