FAQ / + Do your manipulation programs handle merging of data

All our data manipulation modules have been developed to handle merging of data within a single SYSPRO company where possible.

Due to the nature of differing rules associated to merging from business to business, it may be necessary to clarify these rules and even run conversions using live test data to confirm acceptance of merging rules.

If the table being altered has the Old Code as a key and the NEW code already exists in SYSPRO, the program will merge the records with the data of the existing master transaction along with quantities, balances, budgets etc. may need to be added together.

Code merging – When replacing a FROM code with a TO code that already exists in SYSPRO, the static information of the FROM record will be lost and this same information of the TO code will remain in SYSPRO. Examples of these are: Dates, Addresses, Names, Rates, Prices, Credit Limits etc. Other than this static information, where at all possible, the information from both records will be merged. It is therefore assumed that when a merge manipulation occurs, the two records being merged have the same unit of measure, rate, price, currency, etc.

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