FAQ / + BTS Validation screen appears notifying ‘The BTSNEDHash.dll object could not be registered on this machine!’

Normally this error is permissions on the client computer. The program does the following:
1. It copies the BTSNEDHash.dll file from the SERVER SYSPRO60\BASE directory to the CLIENT SYSPRO60\BASE directory (so they need permissions on the client BASE for a copy)
2. It then creates a directory called BTSNED on the CLIENT within the BASE directory (so they need permissions to create a directory)
3. It then copies BTSNEDHash.dll from the CLIENT SYSPRO60\BASE to CLIENT SYSPRO60\BASE\BTSNED (so they need permissions for that copy)
4. It then runs a process to REGISTER the DLL file into the registry (so they need permissions for that as well)

We are not certain of the specifics pertaining to each site to correctly configure the permissions but an administrator of the network needs to check that all is in order.

Alternatively, there is a manual way to do this process. Refer to BTS installation manual, page 22. You need to:
• create a directory called BTSNED within the BASE directory on the clientc
• Copy BTSNEDHash.dll to both BASE and BASE\BTSNED on the client machine from the SERVER BASE.
• run a DOS SESSION on the CLIENT MACHINE and follow the steps as defined in the BTS Installation Manual.

NB. Command prompt, even though you logged in as an administrator, needs to be ‘Run as administrator’, So right click on Command Prompt (under your accessories list) and select ‘Run as administrator ’ The DOS SESSION must be ‘Run as administrator ’

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