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Some of the functions included in BRS include:

Automatic Reconciliation Flagging: BRS attempts to match the transactions from the translated electronic statement against the SYSPRO Cash Book transactions. When a correct match is determined, the relevant SYSPRO Cash Book transaction is flagged as reconciled. Un-reconciled bank statement transactions are stored by the BRS module for future matching attempts. All transactions, whether reconciled or not are represented on a series of reports which may be reprinted based on their batch numbers.

Manual Reconciliation Flagging: Where duplicate entries prevent automatic reconciliation, manually select a statement transaction and a Cash Book and action the reconciliation of the SYSPRO Cash Book entry. Select multiple bank statement transactions to be reconciled against a single SYSPRO Cash Book entry and vice versa.

Automatic Cash Book Transaction Creation: Cash Book transactions are automatically generated in SYSPRO using a masking function which allows the user to specify specific matching rules. This masking functionality will also delete statement entries if not required.

Manual Cash Book Transaction Creation: Generate Cash Book entries into SYSPRO from any of the selected bank statement transactions.

Generate SYSPRO AR Payments From Deposit Entries: Deposit entries on the electronic statement may be used to quickly allocate payments against Customers in SYSPRO from within the BRS process. This process allows for the allocation of a discount amount against an invoice payment.

Full Audit Trail: All activity carried out using this BRS process is written to an audit and may be printed as required.