FAQ / + How does EFT handle individual bank layout requirements

Due to the fact that the SYSPRO EFT module is required to be generic, allowing it to be used anywhere in the world, it is not possible for the module to address the individual financial institution’s import formats as Source IT’s GEPS/CEPS modules have in the past.
In the case of GEPS\CEPS, Source IT has specifically written the associated bank format conversions as required. The EFT module outputs all the relevant payment information into an XML output file (see layout).
Using the available trigger points in the EFT module, it is possible to write routines to “massage” this XML file as required for the specific bank format required by the financial institution concerned.
Source IT has developed a new process BTS (Bank Translation System) which will handle the automatic formatting of the payment instructions into the required bank specific layout for the specific financial institutions currently being handled by GEPS\CEPS. See the BTS documentation for User and installation Manuals.
Source IT is in a position to handle the development of any additional formats as may be required by a specific financial institution and include in the BTS system. Contact Source IT should you have any queries

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