FAQ / + Future of BRS

The existing SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 version of BRS now caters for the storing of the unreconciled statement transactions for future reconciliation attempts.

The current version of the BRS solution caters for the following:
– View translated statement transactions in a list view.
– View relevant Cashbook transactions that exist in SYSPRO to be reconciled in a list view.
– Option to allow automatic reconciliation (as per current).
– Cater for manual reconciliation which will accommodate:
o Matching multiple bank statement transactions to a single SYSPRO Cashbook transaction and vice versa.
o Forcing a match although values may not be identical e.g. a few cents variation or cents missing
– Allow for automatic creation of SYSPRO Cash Book transactions based on Bank Statement transactions.

And then once the advanced conversion and matching process is complete as above, we begin the evolution to include the following possibilities:
– Allocation of Bank Statement transactions against associated SYSPRO AR and AP and automatic creation of associated SYSPRO transactions.

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