Source Information Technology

SYSPRO Solutions Developed Properly

Source Information Technology was established in 2000 and has been registered with SSYSPRO PartnerYSPRO as an approved developer since then. Development experience around the SYSPRO products go back to 1997. Our focus in becoming the service provider of choice has driven us to build a sustainable working relationship with SYSPRO. Besides being involved with assisting SYSPRO with specific core product related development, the OEM agreement signed with SYSPRO for the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) module serves to secure our commitment. This association has seen the migration of our very successful GEPS/CEPS banking interface solutions into the core product as the SYSPRO EFT module.

NEW:   Bank Reconciliation System (BRS) – Automatically generate Cash Book transactions…

NEW:   WareHouse Account Manipulation (WHAM) module added to MAN for SYSPRO 7


SYSPRO Customisation
Bespoke development and customisation relating to the SYSPRO ERP products. This extends from simple screenset customisation through to more complex system development written to integrate seamlessly with SYSPRO taking advantage of the built in VB scripting functionality where possible. Whether the requirement is for the latest SYSPRO 8.0 and 7.0 versions or legacy SYSPRO 6.0 or 6.1 products, our solutions are developed using the exact same development tools as SYSPRO use to develop the associated SYSPRO products.
Utility Development 
The development of utility programs to perform functions not available in the standard SYSPRO product is one of our important focuses.
SYSPRO e.Net and Business Object Alignment 
Although our development tools are the same that the SYSPRO product itself is developed with, where ever possible and feasible, we make use of SYSPRO business objects to update the SYSPRO tables.


Data Manipulation Processes (MAN) is a series of systems that facilitate the modifying of specific master information as well as all transaction and historical data throughout the SYSPRO database based on a user specified cross reference.

Bank Translation System (BTS) has been specifically written to interface to SYSPRO’s standard EFT system to assist with the translation of the XML based output into specific formats required by the individual banks.

Bank Reconciliation System (BRS) handles the conversion of the electronic statements from the banks to be used by the SYSPRO automatic bank reconciliation system.

SYSPRO APP Store – all of our packaged products have been represented on the SYSPRO APP Store since inception.